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hr, strategy,team,building,planning,workplace,performance,compliance,human resources, raise the bar
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Raise the Bar - HR

Raise the Bar HR is a business working with other businesses across Australia and 
New Zealand to unlock value from within, raising performance and profitability.

Raise the Bar offers a unique blend of business and HR capability. We bring together elements of strategy and people to drive business improvement. This results in reduced risk, higher productivity and greater profitability.

Raise the Bar gives small to medium businesses access to ultimate people management support, partnering with business owners to help manage the strategic and operational aspects of their workforce.

We can develop and implement a tailored HR plan to suit your organisation and your budget.

hr, strategy,team,building,planning,workplace,performance,compliance,human resources, raise the bar

  • Strategic Planning
  • Budgets
  • Procurement
  • Start Ups
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Team Building
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment Tools
  • Staff Retention
  • Business Growth
  • Leadership Development

Kate has over 20 years' experience in business strategy and consulting across a wide range of industries, including resources, retail and government.

Kate has both corporate and small business experience and broad exposure in project management and operations.

Kate is energetic, resourceful and adaptable and will partner with you and your business to build a business case, evaluate opportunities, implement systems and processes and develop your internal resources.

Whether you are an owner/operator juggling staff headaches, or a larger business worried about productivity and retention, Kate can help you focus your people and their performance with your business strategy.

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Raise the Bar-HR can also complete Social + Emotional intelligence (EI/EQ)  assessments that measure skill sets such as stress management, resilience, conflict management, building trust, teamwork and collaboration, and many more.
hr, strategy,team,building,planning,workplace,performance,compliance,human resources

A Network of Professionals with Best in Class Tools and Methods

Raise the Bar - HR is proud to be an accredited member of the HR Coach Network. Our Research Institute develops well researched, evidence based and patented tools and methodologies, to identify internal pressures within business, and to link what people do every day to the overall business strategy.

This means that Kate can draw on this network of best in class resources to minimise risk and maximise opportunity for your business.

The HR Coach network includes over 130 professionals, and a host of complimentary business partners. 

No HR department – no worries – outsource your HR needs to Raise the Bar. 

  • We will complete a HR audit on your business and work with you to identify areas of risk and areas for improvement

  • Support and train your existing HR and work with them to develop comprehensive policies, procedures, position descriptions and contracts.

  • Develop a HR plan with your management team – we will come to your site on a weekly or monthly basis to support execution of the plan

  • Best in class tools such as Enable HR, HR Staff Manager and IWS Payroll Systems - award winning software based in the cloud.

  • DiSC (behavioural style profiling) and Emotional Intelligence assessments. Use these great tools for recruitment, team development, and leadership/executive coaching

  • Staff, team and management development seminars and workshops including client engagement and sales, performance coaching, retention, leadership, succession planning and business growth.
  • Join over 500 businesses across Australasia and become a STAR workplace. This program includes a comprehensive assessment of your business strategy and a review of your workplace culture. This affordable programme includes development of an action plan to link your strategy and the actions of your people.
hr, strategy,team,building,planning,workplace,performance,compliance,human resources, raise the bar

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